Source code for pymor.core.config

# This file is part of the pyMOR project (
# Copyright 2013-2018 pyMOR developers and contributors. All rights reserved.
# License: BSD 2-Clause License (

from importlib import import_module
import sys

def _can_import(module):
        return True
    except ImportError:
    return False

def _get_fenics_version():
    import dolfin as df
    return df.__version__

[docs]def is_windows_platform(): return sys.platform == 'win32' or sys.platform == 'cygwin'
def _get_matplotib_version(): import matplotlib if is_windows_platform(): matplotlib.use('Qt4Agg') return matplotlib.__version__ def _get_ipython_version(): try: import ipyparallel return ipyparallel.__version__ except ImportError: import IPython.parallel return getattr(IPython.parallel, '__version__', True) def _get_slycot_version(): from slycot.version import version if list(map(int, version.split('.'))) < [0, 3, 1]: import warnings warnings.warn('Slycot support disabled (version 0.3.1 or higher required).') return False else: return version def _get_qt_version(): import Qt return Qt.__binding__ + ' ' + Qt.__binding_version__ _PACKAGES = { 'CYTHON': lambda: import_module('cython').__version__, 'DEALII': lambda: import_module('pydealii'), 'DOCOPT': lambda: import_module('docopt').__version__, 'FENICS': _get_fenics_version, 'GL': lambda: import_module('OpenGL.GL') and import_module('OpenGL').__version__, 'IPYTHON': _get_ipython_version, 'MATPLOTLIB': _get_matplotib_version, 'IPYWIDGETS': lambda: import_module('ipywidgets').__version__, 'MPI': lambda: import_module('mpi4py.MPI') and import_module('mpi4py').__version__, 'NGSOLVE': lambda: bool(import_module('ngsolve')), 'NUMPY': lambda: import_module('numpy').__version__, 'PYAMG': lambda: import_module('pyamg.version').full_version, 'PYMESS': lambda: bool(import_module('pymess')), 'PYTEST': lambda: import_module('pytest').__version__, 'PYVTK': lambda: _can_import('evtk') or _can_import('pyevtk'), 'QT': _get_qt_version, 'QTOPENGL': lambda: bool(import_module('Qt.QtOpenGL')), 'SCIPY': lambda: import_module('scipy').__version__, 'SCIPY_LSMR': lambda: hasattr(import_module('scipy.sparse.linalg'), 'lsmr'), 'SLYCOT': lambda: _get_slycot_version(), 'SPHINX': lambda: import_module('sphinx').__version__, }
[docs]class Config: def __init__(self): self.PYTHON_VERSION = '{}.{}.{}'.format(sys.version_info.major, sys.version_info.minor, sys.version_info.micro) @property def version(self): from pymor import __version__ return __version__ def __getattr__(self, name): if name.startswith('HAVE_'): package = name[len('HAVE_'):] elif name.endswith('_VERSION'): package = name[:-len('_VERSION')] else: raise AttributeError if package in _PACKAGES: try: version = _PACKAGES[package]() except ImportError: version = False if version is not None and version is not False: setattr(self, 'HAVE_' + package, True) setattr(self, package + '_VERSION', version) else: setattr(self, 'HAVE_' + package, False) setattr(self, package + '_VERSION', None) else: raise AttributeError return getattr(self, name)
[docs] def __dir__(self, old=False): keys = set(super().__dir__()) keys.update('HAVE_' + package for package in _PACKAGES) keys.update(package + '_VERSION' for package in _PACKAGES) return list(keys)
[docs] def __repr__(self): status = {p: (lambda v: 'missing' if not v else 'present' if v is True else v)(getattr(self, p + '_VERSION')) for p in _PACKAGES} key_width = max(len(p) for p in _PACKAGES) + 2 package_info = ['{:{}} {}'.format(p + ':', key_width, v) for p, v in sorted(status.items())] info = ''' pyMOR Version {} Python: {} External Packages {} {} Defaults -------- See pymor.core.defaults.print_defaults. '''[1:].format(self.version, self.PYTHON_VERSION, '-' * max(map(len, package_info)), '\n'.join(package_info)) return info
config = Config()